The Beatles Connection

The BBC Band has a very unique set of Beatle connections that no other band can claim...

Russ Thomas has spent a good amount of time with Peter Best, the Beatles first drummer, pre-Ringo. They talked about the early days and how the band had evolved while and after his tenure with the group.

John and his family had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Sir Paul McCartney, chatting about life, family and how Paul’s music has inspired and influenced John’s musical career.

Gary Astridge has a personal relationship with Ringo and has been involved in projects to numerous to mention here. He is an independent historian, lecturer and author regarding Ringo and his Beatles era drum kits. Visit to learn more.

Meeting a Beatle has offered musical insights and incredible inspiration to The BBC Band. Their shows are magical, the music is infectious, making you want to jump out of your seat, sing along and dance in the aisles… and in the words of “She Loves You”… You know that can’t be bad!