Band Biographies



JOHN CONNELLY – lead vocals, bass, guitar

A major part of the band’s success is paying attention to the smallest details. John Connelly is the man behind the curtain that is blessed with good business acumen and has an impeccable ear for harmonies and nuances in musical structure. Not only is John a multifaceted musician with a high vocal range, he is an entertainer and catalyst in making that magical connection between the band and the audience.

 FRANK GRIZANTI – lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, bass

Frank is “The Man!” A multi-talented musician with a long and distinguished career in the music industry. If he’s not busy gigging, he’s in the recording studio or spending time with his lovely family. He can’t say it, but we will, Frank’s playing abilities and style are unparalleled. He has a natural God given talent that allows him to play with passion and soul. His stage presence and charisma make him fun to watch. After people see him play, they either go out and buy a guitar or sell the one they own.


BOB VOLKMAN - vocals, keyboards, percussion, harmonica

Bob can best be described as a master-craftsman behind his keyboards. He is as much at home playing Bach as he is playing Rock and anything in between. Bob’s in depth musical knowledge and natural talent brings the x-factor to the band, allowing them to perform songs that would otherwise be impossible. It’s amazing to watch Bob multi-tasking behind his keyboards as he sometimes sings, plays percussion and a variety of mouth organs. He is the true unsung hero of The BBC Band.

GARY ASTRIDGE - lead vocals, drums, percussion

Gary's percussive abilities to replicate the right drum or percussive parts aids in stimulating an uncontrolled response from the audience. By not improvising or overplaying, he contributes to the originality and feel of each song, as they were intended. Gary takes an active role assisting John Connelly in managing the band and its direction. For more on Gary, visit: &

RUSS THOMAS – lead vocals, guitar

Russ has a unique voice that’s pleasing to the ear with a timbre and range that allows him to effortlessly belt out rockers and ballads. He has the tonal qualities and phrasing style to sing as close as one can get to sounding like John Lennon. His natural stage charm and energy gives Russ the ability to connect with the audience and to make them part of each show.