History of The BBC Band

Back in 2002, Gary Astridge was searching for a hobby. After some deep soul searching it was a natural tendency to combine his two passions of The Beatles and playing the drums. Not having had any connections on the local music scene, Gary discovered www.wnymusic.com and placed an online ad looking for musicians interested in meeting for a Beatle jam. The ad was very well received: one session led to another, and through word of mouth other local musicians began to get involved. The following year, Beatle jams were taking place once every two weeks at a remote location in Grand Island, NY and as word continued to spread, the caliber of some of the players attending began to reach a very high professional level. A core group of players developed, and the music was so good that a decision was made to form The BBC Band . Through time and circumstance, the band has seen a few changes in personnel. The positive additions have led to the creation of a super group with great musical chemistry.